Swedish fika


“On corona quarantine but still got the urge for caffeine”

Remote Swedish fika with friends and colleagues

Missing out on the 3 o'clock coffee break while working remote? Not anymore, plan a fika and e-meet over a coffee, chit-chat about work, corona, politics or whatever.

Are you serious?

Yes and no.

The COVID-19 virus is a serious threat to global health and as it turns out the global economy.

We at Frost are based in Stockholm, Sweden where many companies have either shut down their offices or strongly recommends that employees should work from home as much as possible to limit spreading the virus. So have we.

You never know when creativity sparks. When the corona situation hit us we thought we could make use of our last adventures in the world of web rtc and video conferencing to bring people together.

Is it free?

Yes! Please note that we might limit time and number of participants so traffic costs does not spike.

Get in touch

Have questions, comments or interested in building something like this? Drop us an email to fikapaus@frost.se.